2 Books In 1

This book is designed to be two stories in one book: one story written by my kids, “Lynn
and Alice Going To School”, and one story written and illustrated by your child with the
assistance of an adult…parent(s), grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, friend, etc.

The book has several purposes:
This book is made for one child. It is intended to be a personal story. If you have more
than one child in the appropriate age range it is suggested that you purchase a book for
each child. Younger children will need adult help, while older children will be able to
complete the book themselves. The suggested age range is 4 to 10 years old.

Many customers have bought more than one book per child. They have had there child
complete a book each year. Every year the story will be different. Parents treasure these
stories written by their children.

Our customers have reported back to us that their children do not put the book down, but
spend many hours completing their book. The book is about them and the children spend
quality time making their book a good one.

When my children were young I would have bought this book in a heartbeat. It is a small
price to pay for the involvement with my children on a one-on-one basis. I want my kids
to do well in school; I have other kids giving the same message to my children too.
I learn about my child from his or her own words in a positive way. I encourage my
children to tell their own story and do their own artwork. When completed, my children
have written their own books. It sends the message that they do not need to be an adult to
write their own book. Kids can write their own books too. I wish my own children were
still young and I could do this book all over again.

Lynn and Alice’s Dad,

Rodger Switzky